Afskum. The name reeks of badness. According to the dictionary, Afskum is a despicable person. And the name sounds like metal from afar. Instead imagine keyboard-driven pop songs in minor key, delivered by a charming vocalist singing regretful lyrics from a thoughtful mind. It's music that flows easily, but weighs heavier than the surface reveals. Behind Afskum we find Prince Askar and his stories about life as a young man. 

GAFFA: "With a wild mix of icy synth keys, energetic drums and purposeful basslines, the instrumental part of Afskum sounds like something Future Islands could come up with. But then there's the main character, Prince Askar. First, there's his characteristically deep voice. Then there's his unrivalled stage presence, where one second you see him shouting as if his life is in danger and the next he's hunched over and talking-singing like he's just a kid. You can't help but drop your jaw at his uncompromising stage presence."

AGENT: Tom Spray
(+45) 2737 3773