Danish singer, producer, composer and DJ Astrid Engberg, Copenhagen, released her second album 'Trust' in September 2023. Astrid Engberg's music spans modern soul, R&B, nu-jazz and contemporary classical music, inviting the listener into a universe of both minimalist and heavy productions, personal stories and spiritual quests, with an enchanting voice that expresses both a sincere sensitivity and deep strength.

Her debut album 'Tulpa', which Bandcamp Daily listed as one of the best albums of 2020, received national recognition when she won Best Vocal Release at the Danish Music Awards Jazz and Steppeulven for Producer of the Year. On 'Tulpa', Astrid put into words her mental and physical recovery from a head injury that still affects her everyday life over a decade later: “The reason I make music is because it's my best language,” Astrid says candidly, adding that music makes her feel at home. 

On her second album 'Trust', Astrid celebrates intuition and motherhood with all that it brings. She collaborates with a range of Nordic talents, such as Maria Dybbroe, Tobias Wiklund and J. Ludvig III, as well as Los Angeles-based Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - a revered multi-instrumentalist, conductor and composer. The album took shape after the birth of her first child and was created with playful joy, openness and gratitude over a period of nine months. “The album was created out of love for intuition, motherhood and a reminder to myself and everyone else that you are allowed to be in the world in a different way than society dictates.” - Astrid Engberg.

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