AySay sounds like the new Nordic region. A Nordic region that can no longer escape its diversity and cultural richness. A rebellion filled with hope, sound, song and music. Singing in Danish, Turkish and Kurdish in an Anatolian psychedelic party with Nordic melodies and Danish pop arrangements in beautiful synergy with nature and life around us. Both vulnerable and strong, but often also charming and uplifting, AySay creates a respite, but also a festive protest against a world that too often insists on narrow-mindedness and rigid frameworks. lead singer Luna Ersahin was born into a life based on two cultures. 

With a Danish mother and a Kurdish father from Turkey, her voice tells a story of the wholeness of the two halves. As the frontwoman of the quartet AySay, the same message is delivered in a captivating sound universe where Eastern and Western traditions mix; saz and darbuka meet electronic productions, while Eastern tones sung in Danish slip into Turkish in fluid transitions.

With Aske Døssing Bendixen on analog and digital percussion, and Carl West Hosbond on guitar, AySay's pop arrangements are based around modern folk music in form and narrative. Just as traditional folk music is created in close connection between musicians and people, AySay has embraced the whole world as its starting point, its source of inspiration and its audience. 

In November 2022, the band won three DMAs for 'Danish roots name of the year', 'Danish roots release of the year' for debut album 'Su Akar' and 'Danish roots composer of the year for Luna Ersahin'. 

AySay's second album 'KÖY' was released on October 13, 2023 winning further awards with a Carl Prisen for 'Roots composer of the year'. 

AGENT: Tom Spray
(+45) 2737 3773