The sibling band døssing blends Nordic modern jazz with musical influences from lounge and dub, adding an extra dimension through poetic and unifying narratives in their works. Their sound is characterized through acoustic and the electronic productions, particularly expressed through airy wind instruments and playful percussion, juxtaposed with bassy synthesisers, thrilling keys and rhythmic drum machines.

In 2022, døssing released their debut album 'all inclusive', which was a narrator-guided auditory journey through a hotel-inspired universe. The album was picked as 'Album of the Week' on P8 JAZZ  receiving frequent rotation since and critical acclaim from GAFFA & Information.

Døssing is now back with more music - stronger than ever after the permanent addition of Thit Helbo Møller on percussion and introduction of a new instrument in the trumpet, played by Annestine Døssing. In spring 2024, the jazz band released two singles followed by a compilation EP 'Paula' that expanded their voice, sound and universe.

AGENT: Tom Spray
(+45) 2737 3773