Known for his work as the lead vocalist of the critically acclaimed band Iceage, Rønnenfelt has carved a unique path in the realm of alternative rock and post-punk, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions with each release.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Rønnenfelt's journey into music began at a young age, fueled by a passion for expression and a desire to explore the depths of sound. His early influences range from the visceral intensity of punk rock to the introspective lyricism of folk music, providing a diverse foundation upon which he would build his musical identity.

Since forming Iceage in 2008, Rønnenfelt has garnered widespread acclaim for his fearless approach to songwriting and performance. With albums such as New Brigade, You're Nothing, and Plowing Into the Field of Love, the band has garnered a dedicated following and earned praise for their uncompromising vision and electrifying live shows.

In addition to his work with Iceage, Rønnenfelt has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, further expanding his sonic palette and pushing the boundaries of his creative output. From experimental noise projects to introspective folk recordings, his versatility as a musician knows no bounds, consistently surprising and intriguing listeners with each new endeavour.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Rønnenfelt is also an accomplished poet and visual artist, drawing inspiration from literature, philosophy, and the world around him. His multidisciplinary approach to art reflects a deep-seated commitment to exploration and self-expression, transcending the confines of genre and medium.

As Elias Bender Rønnenfelt continues to evolve and push the boundaries of his craft, his next artistic offering comes in the form of his debut solo album which is to be released in late 2024 on Escho, poised to be swept away once again by the raw emotion and innovation that has come to define his work.

AGENT: Tom Spray
(+45) 2737 3773