Trembling musical presence, ambient sounds and powerful melodies bind together when the trio Hvalfugl takes the stage.

With their gripping instrumental expression, the Aarhus-based trio Hvalfugl has thrilled audiences and critics alike since they released their debut album 'By' in 2017. The album garnered praise both domestically and internationally. Since then, they have refined their spherical and dreamy expression on two more albums - 'Som En Faldskærm' (2019) and 'Øjeblikke Vi Husker' (2020) - as well as a bunch of EPs, the latest of which, 'Drømme', was released in early 2024 in collaboration with string quintet Who Killed Bambi. 

Musically, Hvalfugl are hard to pigeonhole, as their music moves freely through inspirations from across the genre landscape in a union of organic and acoustic interplay, dreamy ambient, minimalist progressions and beautiful melodies that slowly unfold for the listener. The fine balance between the warm, acoustic sound and the discreet use of effects opens up new spaces in the music and creates a distinct expression, at once intimate and majestic. 

Jonathan Fjord Bredholt's elegant piano and spherical soundscapes played on harmonium intertwine with Jeppe Lavsen's crystalline guitar themes and Anders Juel Bomholt's double bass in a way that creates both unity and great detail. It is also music that creates space for the listener's own inner images, whether you get carried away by the strong melodic threads or sink into the deep ambient layers. This combination also helps make Hvalfugl a rarely engaging live experience, where the trio manages to weave the individual compositions together in seamless sequences that invite the audience into a universe of sublime beauty and vibrant energy.

January 2025 will see the release of their new album and they'll be heading on an extensive tour of Scandinavia in support of the album. 

AGENT: Tom Spray
(+45) 2737 3773