Ki! was born in South Korea and lived in an orphanage in the Haeundae district of Busan. He was adopted and grew up in Denmark. 'The Boy From Haeundae Beach', Ki!'s debut released in November 2022, was a double LP album of 20 songs, was born while the melodies were written and recorded track-by-track over the course of a few years, many in tribute to some of his favourite artists like Fela Kuti, Sharon Jones, George Harrison, J Dilla, Link Wray etc. The album received rave reviews, most notably from a  6 star "masterpiece!" review from GAFFA.

The ever industrious Ki released his second album 'Yong-Gwanglo part 1' was released in April 2024 with the second instalment coming in late 2024. The album title means "Melting Pot" in Korean. The diversity of genres, styles and sounds on the albums is spread all over the map, drawing inspiration from different periods and places from around the world to feel like a mixtape equivalent of a travelogue. Bon voyage!

AGENT: Tom Spray
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