Since his solo debut album 'Navnløs' (1996), where he interpreted Michael Strunge poems, Nikolaj Nørlund has challenged & pushed his own and his audience's boundaries with expressive and diverse projects in music and poetry. He followed his debut up with 'Nye Optagelser' (1997), his debut as a Danish-language songwriter.

Nørlund has worked tirelessly to raise the bar for Danish language music. In addition to nine ambitious releases under his own name, he has produced and released artists with a flair for both language and music through his record label Auditorium. In addition to his successful relaunch of luminary Niels Skousen in 2002, he has produced Ulige Numre, Jens Unmack, Maskinvåd and Martin Ryum, and in 2003 he won a Danish Music Awards in the 'Producer of the Year' category and in 2006 he won a Steppeulv also for 'Producer of the Year. In 2012, Nørlund received Niels Matthiasen's cultural award “Kultur-Niels”. 

Nørlund has been called Denmark's answer to everything from Damon Albarn to Leonard Cohen, but most of all he is Denmark's Nikolaj Nørlund. The expression changes, but always on the terms of the songs and with the lyrics as an equal partner.

AGENT: Tom Spray
(+45) 2737 3773